the gathering at the round house in santa fe the other day was the most inspiring event i have enjoyed since we protested the possibility of the iraq war in santa fe in 2002. the kids organized it, they kept it loose and decentralized. 4 stages, mic checks, excellent cheers, hotshit paintings as backdrops for each of the four stages. a march that wandered around and blocked things up as it’s supposed to. and impassioned young people doing the demo with confidence and humility. it brought tears many times.

we are melting

we are melting


Every day, I think things have come unhinged as much as possible. And then comes the next day, where I think the same thought.



i have been attracted to the protest art of the thirties in germany. it feels more appropriate now than any time in my life. somehow, i loved this stuff when i was a kid in the fifties when life for me at least was pretty painless. now i find otto dix and george grosz able to scream it out most eloquently as i try to do in reflecting on our cruel and insane world.



seems like a good time to talk about the nuanced approach that brad and i took in drawing and discussing trump supporters. we found it wise or helpful to think of them in the most benign way we could. so here is a drawing of them outside a defunct factory, feeling lost and in the way. thousands and maybe millions of these working class rural folks may have had (and did have) major complaints about the economy, the inequality of wealth, the very uneven playing field. all that is surely legitimate and disgusting about the pre-trump world. but now my attempt at compassion goes out the window when we see what bigoted fools show up to his hateful rallies. now is the time that non-cult members of the party of racism needs to separate from him.


corporate greed

i just read that corporate ceo’s pay has risen 1000% since the seventies. corporate greed is the focus of dear elizabeth warren’s campaign, and others too. it’s a disease that’s gnawing at us.


fancy people

epstein’s parties were full of the very very rich people for whom regular standards of cooperation and consideration may not pertain. now we have to figure out if the suicide was staged or assisted by some of these powerful elites. with barr at the helm of course we will not find out. i hate to be on the side of conspiracy theorists, but there i am. how did a suicide watch get ignored? and then the videotape of the night has disappeared.



i just heard that when the mueller report came out her response was the same as trump’s: completer exoneration, nothing to see here. that’s enough to make me question her many talking points and why she happens to still be a candidate.


what to look for at the debates

we were encouraged last night to hear everybody on pretty much the same page as most of us out here in the daily world. i could be pleased to vote for almost any one of them, but i must say there were about four stiff white men who could use a joint. we were wondering how it would be if during the debate someone would say, well, you know, that question has been so nicely answered by my colleague, beto (or elizabeth) or somebody, that i think i will just support that person. i am asking my loyal and beautiful followers to trust me with this one. just put all your effort into getting her elected. i think i’ll just run for senate, like so many of us up here on this stage should be doing. this one’s from leon golub


the fool in the white house is jumping up and down waving his hands to distract us. he attacks baltimore. how bout that? attacking a large city. that will get them. it’s so much more ham-handed than boris johnson’s slight-of-hand tapdance in his clown suit, but it takes that kind of outlandishness to get the media to look away from his more sinister moves. here’s a tribute to baltimore and big cities full of non-cult members:


now it begins

after months of screwing around, working with my very helpful social media strategist, and arm-wrestiling amazon in almost inconceivable meandering, i now can write my first blog post. the whole intention is to stir up interest in our latest book, clowns dancing on a tank. and then eventually to stir up some excitement about the twelve other books i have written, or at least maybe five. my friend brad made this latest book possible when i told him “ hey buddy, lots of people would like to see my stack of posters turn into a book. what could you write to make it seem like a book?” he responded beautifully. and maybe i will get him to blog occasionally. i will even attempt to post images in this format. so welcome to our project. hank

Clowns Dancing On A Tank

Clowns Dancing On A Tank offers an old painter’s reaction to his country’s floundering in the tarpits of fear and lies. It’s the story of looking for a proper response and finding mockery, chagrin, and some compassion.

It’s a grand medium, the artist book, and mostly ignored. I have done 12 of them, one about crying presidents, some about dreams of grandeur, one about raising my son alone. Large canvases and sculptures are nice, but nothing is as sweet as making these small books. It’s a form that is both huge and tiny, rapacious and squashed.

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